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Christian Educational Services, Inc (CES) is a non-profit, tax exempt United States (Indiana) corporation whose purposes are to make known the Word of God, to further the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, to facilitate fellowship among Christians and to provide Christian educational services, including biblical research, written publications and biblical teachings. We do this via live speakers, tapes and literature. Our teachings point people to the Lordship of Jesus Christ in their lives. We encourage Christians to apply these teachings in their local areas in community with other likeminded believers.

The basis for all our efforts is the Bible, which we believe to be the Word of God, perfect in its original writing. So-called errors, contradictions or discrepancies are the result of man's subsequent interference in the transmission of the text, mistranslations or failure to understand what is written. CES draws from all relevant sources that shed light on the integrity of Scripture, whether in the field of geography, customs, language, history, or principles governing Bible interpretation. Our goal is to seek the truth without respect to tradition or "orthodoxy."

Any individual willing to examine his beliefs in the light of God's Word will perhaps profit from our teachings. They are non-denominational, and are intended to strengthen one's faith in God, Jesus Christ, and the Bible, no matter what his denominational preference may be. Designed primarily for individual home study, the teachings are the result of intensive research and rational methods, making them easy to follow, verify and practically apply. When accurately understood, the Word of God brings great deliverance from fear, doubt and worry, and leads the individual Christian to genuine freedom, confidence and joy in living. Beyond such practical blessings, however, our goal is to enable the student to do biblical research for himself, so he is able to develop his own convictions, separate truth from error, and become an effective communicator of God's Word.

Biblical materials produced by CES are designed to assist individual spiritual growth as well as support local fellowships and churches in the CES Fellowship Community. Our goal is to provide healthy biblical teaching, and to help people enjoy the fruits of salvation and authentic Christian living.

To receive our free bimonthly newsletter, The Sower, or a complete listing of our materials, please contact us at:

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