A Christian's Code of Conduct

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  1. I will love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, seeking to make the most of the talents and abilities He has given me. I will acknowledge that what He has given me is His gift to me, and what I do with it is my gift to Him. I will seek His Word for guidance as to His will for my life, and consider worshipping and obeying Him my first priority. I will shun all idols, or false "gods," that would appear able to supply my needs if I agree to compromise my commitment to the One True God and my Lord Jesus Christ.
  2. I will love my neighbor as myself, considering the effect of my words and my actions on my neighborís wellbeing. I will acknowledge that my "neighbor" is the one near me, at various times geographical, familial or preferential. I will avoid the human tendency to stereotype and be prejudiced toward others of different faiths, races, nationalities, genders, etc., and relate to individuals on the basis of their own words and deeds. I will follow Godís example, loving every individual and seeking to bring them to a saving knowledge of the truth. I will live in such a way that if everyone followed my example there would be peace and good will among men.
  3. I will acknowledge the spiritual battle raging between God and the Devil, and never knowingly give the Enemy an opportunity to lure me into sin against God, self or neighbor. I will stand against Satanís wiles with the written Word of God and the power of holy spirit." If I find myself "held captive by him at his will," I will exert every effort to "escape" and help others to do likewise. I will shun addictive and dependent behaviors that would enslave me and render me self-centered and unproductive, especially those associated with destructive chemical substances.
  4. I will actively work to manifest the fruit of the spirit as the basic godly attitudes and character traits that ought to govern my life, and give particular attention to those traits that are most difficult for me to evidence. I will not follow my "nature" into sin, making excuses and rationalizing my inappropriate behavior, but will live by the power of the spirit to obey the Word of God.
  5. I will recognize the authority of God and the Lord Jesus Christ, and responsibly submit to all godly authority as defined by Godís Word, while not allowing myself to be tyrannized by any misuse of authority. I will submit to such authority in accordance with the limits of my conscience as it is educated by the Word of God. I will renounce envy, rebellion and self-will, and seek to serve and not to rule. When I am in authority, I will use that power to serve and not to dominate. In all my relationships I will choose behaviors that encourage godliness, peace and reconciliation.
  6. I will maintain holiness in my sexual life, whether in or out of marriage, acknowledging that sex and oneís attitude toward it is profoundly spiritual and will strengthen the bonds of either matrimony or iniquity. I will shun pornography and all illicit sexual activities as demeaning of Godís design for sex within marriage, which testifies to His goodness and love for mankind.
  7. I will not gossip (passing on destructive rumors), but will lovingly speak the truth as I have personally experienced it, with a goal of edifying others. I will speak words that minister grace and a good reputation for others to live up to. I will not be party to character assassination or the ungodly judgment of anotherís heart. If I believe that I have been trespassed against, I will follow the pattern of Matthew 18:15-17, and go first to the one I believe wronged me before discussing the offense with others (pastoral counseling excepted).
  8. I will not covet nor steal that which belongs to another, but will work diligently so that I have to give to others. I will make every effort to return lost items to their rightful owners, and seek to be a lender more than a borrower. Anything I do borrow, I will return in better shape than I found it, or replace it. I will not be a slave to the acquisition and preservation of money, but will use it as a means to bless and provide for those I love.
  9. I will not seek vengeance against those who wrong me, but will forgive them and seek reconciliation according to the principles of Godís Word. I will reject small-minded and petty attitudes that demand of others what I am unwilling to give. I will acknowledge the evils of misjudgment and recognize that what I detest in others lives in me as well. I will recognize that identifying the root of sin in my own life is a more compelling project than presuming to correct others without first correcting myself.
  10. I will do good to all men, seeking opportunities to be of service and show the love of God that dwells in me. But I will be especially good to my fellow Christians, recognizing that they are Godís people whom He has graced as my equals. I will do my personal best to be united with them against our common foe, in accordance with the standard of Godís Word and the one spirit that empowers us all.
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